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Praise for Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith

Dear You: It's Time for a Leap of Faith

“Never underestimate the power of a few carefully chosen words. In Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith, Jacquelyn Fletcher off ers a pure and poignant antidote to the universal fears inherent in our humanity. With heart and humor, she reminds us to trust ourselves a little more, and to lean on the faith and strength available to each of us.”
—Tara Jaye Frank, Hallmark Cards, Inc., and author of Say Yes: A Woman’s Guide to Advancing Her Professional Purpose

“ Know someone who’s contemplating a big career change? Are you standing on the precipice of a major transition? Or maybe you are just about to jump head-first into your life. If so, Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith is the perfect book. It provides thoughtful inspiration, gentle encouragement, and even some sassy prodding. Th is is a guidebook for adventurers — and ordinary folks seeking inspiration.”
—Andy Steiner, author of How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People


“Like a kid who just found out where the candy is, I keep returning to Jacque Fletcher’s new book, Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith for a shot of sugar. And strength. And a little attitude to get me moving again on ideas which may have stalled or gotten tricky. It’s that delicious. …With a series of vignettes — like gorgeous, intimate post-it-notes to you from your heart — Fletcher asks us to reconsider our abilities, choices, self-worth, and possibilities. In return, we smile or nod knowingly or breathe a little deeper, and may just fi nd ourselves with the quickened heartbeat and enough butterflies in our stomach to know that we are actually going to LEAP. Like NOW. It is time. And with Dear You tucked under your arm (or in your satchel or on your bedside table), the spectacular journey you’re about to begin will be that much sweeter.”
—Mary Beth Maziarz, author of Kick-Ass Creativity: An Energy Makeover for Artists, Explorers, and Creative Professionals

“When you need a boost of courage, reach for Jacquelyn Fletcher’s Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap of Faith. You’ll come away refreshed, recharged, and ready to face what must be faced.”
—Lynn Devlin, author of Cancer Widow

Praise for Dear You: Messages From Your Heart 

Dear You Messages From Your Heart

“Jacquelyn’s artistry rests in her uncanny ability to make you feel like a long lost friend just walked up and gently tapped you on the shoulder — instantly reminding you of a once easy and essential connection. The presence and clarity of the heart’s message is poignant and inescapable.”
—Melissa Williamson-Herren, Owner of Your Art’s Desire Gallery of Art and Framing

“ Jacquelyn possesses an incredible ability through her art and her words to capture the universal experience of heartache and the sometimes difficult, but always worthwhile, journey of healing. The message of loving and honoring oneself and one’s heart is an important message for us all.”
—Shannon Barry, MSSW, Executive Director, Dais: Domestic Abuse Intervention Services


“ In Dear You: Messages From Your Heart, Jacquelyn Fletcher shares love letters and hopeful whispers from the internal voice we too often ignore. What emerges is a wise, gentle truth that’s been too long stifled by our shrill inner critics.”
—Pilar Gerasimo, founding editor, Experience Life magazine


“Jacquelyn B. Fletcher shares her approach to a heart-filled life in this beautiful, thoughtful, and sincere artwork. If you are in need of connection, healing or inspiration, let the messages from Dear You speak to you.”
—Dr. Jan Hoistad, author of Relationship Rehab and Big-Picture Partnering

“ I so enjoyed and was moved by the letters in Dear You — searing and soothing all at once.”
—Johanna Rian, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine