There’s a massive dead Oak tree in our backyard. I asked the tree trimming guys to come out and remove it but they knocked on the door to say the tree was too dangerous to climb. We have to wait until the ground is frozen so we can get a crane in to take the tree out. In the meantime, I was concerned because one of its big branches hangs over our house.

When I asked if the branch was in danger of falling, the man told me about an Oak’s heartwood. It’s the inner wood of the tree and it’s so strong that barring an act of God, the branch will not fall. 

I love this metaphor so much! The dead tree that appears to be falling apart before our eyes as it drops bark and little branches still has this nearly unbreakable core of strength. I’ve been thinking about that in relation to how we deal with the pain that comes at us in life. We are all given regular opportunities to be strong even when parts of our lives are falling apart. It’s not fun to have to call upon that core, but it’s comforting to know its there.