Author and Speaker Jacquelyn Fletcher

Messages for Your Heart. Transformation for Your Mind and Body.

I’ve interviewed thousands of men and women and you know what? I’ve had it. I can’t stand the number of people I’ve met who hate their bodies, loathe themselves, and live at the mercy of their ruthless negative thoughts. These are the very same people I look at and think: My God, what a beautiful expression of the great mystery of life! 

It’s not like I haven’t had crappy thoughts about myself. I grew up obese. I tortured myself for years. But then I lost 100 pounds and learned to keep it off. I discovered yoga. And then the girl who was called fatso was given a tv show and put in front of a camera.

I’ve spent decades studying body language, learning my own body’s language, and training in the rigorous discipline of positive self-talk. I’ve discovered the power personal expression has to heal hearts and transform lives.

Now I create books and gifts, make art, and engage audiences in experiences to help open hearts, foster connection, and create transformation. I hope you’ll join me in my crusade.


Dear Body, Love Me

This spoken word poem is a manifesto of self-acceptance and self-love. I thought I would get up and read my new book on stage behind a podium. Then a dear friend said, “You’re going to get up and talk about your body while hiding your body behind a podium?” Called out. Margaret O’Loughlin suggested we create a dance to my words. She choreographed movements anyone can do including moves from yoga and qi gong. We found Aubry Eggers to join us on stage to represent three generations and Alexander Zoltai filmed the dance. It was terrifying. It was necessary. Our bodies are beautiful and sacred, no matter what they look like. I hope you’ll share this video with the women you love.